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What to Eat Pre Ballet Class & Post Ballet Class

Information for our dancers who are training hard inc adult classes & advanced sessions.

The Best Things to Eat Before and After Your Ballet Class

No matter your age, your ballet class requires a lot of strength, energy and focus, so you need to be fuelling your body in the best way to reach your potential. By having a healthy snack before and after your ballet lesson you can minimise a low attention span, increase your energy levels and prevent muscle soreness and cramps. Depending on your age, the frequency and intensity of your lessons, the size of your snack will vary.

What you should eat before your ballet class:

Protein- Provide your body with the energy it needs by having a small amount of protein. You will only need to eat a small amount to feel the right amount of full.

Vegetables- Light, healthy vegetable snacks before your class will give you just the boost you need. Try mixing them with a little dairy or protein if you need more energy.

Whole grains- These healthy carbohydrates will fuel your body for longer periods of time.

Potassium- Commonly found in bananas, potassium will help you prevent cramping and muscle soreness if you’re participating in a really intense ballet lesson.

Water- When it comes to staying hydrated, nothing works better than water.

What you should eat after your ballet class:

Fruit- Fresh fruits are a healthy option to replace the lost glucose in your body after your dance class. It also aids in muscle development, and is refreshing and light.

Protein- Meats, cheese, nuts and beans can all help to refuel the body after you’ve used so much energy during your ballet class.

Potassium- Bananas, yoghurt, raisins and tomato products will all prevent the onset of cramping after your ballet lesson.

Water- Make sure to drink water after your class to flush out toxins, rehydrate and prevent sore muscles.

Be wary about energy drinks, sports drinks and sports bars. They are marketed as a necessity to be successful for exercise, but they’re not usually necessary. In addition to this, they’re often highly processed with excess sugar and difficult for the body to digest. If you want to buy sports bars, be sure to always check the label to see if a brand is healthy and natural.

By ensuring you treat your body well and eat healthily, you can expect to achieve better results during your ballet class. As well as this, enjoying and talking about your healthy eating habits can discourage harmful eating disorders in others. By keeping yourself healthy, you can avoid fatigue, soreness, injury, stress and stagnation with the development of your dancing ability. By staying healthy and strong, you’ll feel so much better than otherwise.