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Our Assistant Ballet Teacher Performs in Cilla The Musical

Our Assistant Ballet Teacher writes about her time performing in Cilla the Musical as it toured in Stoke-on-Trent's Regent Theatre. Bill Kenwright’s ‘Cilla The Musical’

My role as an ensemble member, appearing as a Cavern Club dancer in the scenes where characters such as Cilla, The Beatles and the Big Three performed in the first act.

The most amazing experience and I really got to know the life of a professional touring musical. From visiting wardrobe and the mistresses who fitted me with a sixties outfit, to meeting the cast on the stage to warm up surrounded by the brick arched set to represent the infamous Cavern Club, Liverpool, I was in awe of the magic behind performing in a professional show. I had a quick masterclass of the sixties style dancing I was going to be performing from the cast’s dance captain before my first performance. The buzz in the wings waiting for the curtain to go up and the band to start was electric and something I won’t forget!

What was most inspiring, was to perform on stage with all of the cast, as part of The Cavern Club. My scenes involved Cilla and Bobby’s first meetings and Cilla singing many musical numbers such as ‘Boys’ and ‘A Shot of Rhythm and Blues’. As a performer myself, I learnt so much from the professional cast, from how they warmed up, prepared and kept healthy on a long national tour to how they approached their characters and performing on the stage. They were all so welcoming and gave so much advice.

A highlight of the run for me was after I finished my final scenes on the last performance, I was able to watch the leading lady who played Cilla, sing ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ closing Act One, from the wings. This was the most magical experience, to see the leading lady’s power and passion so close up from the side of stage, as she performed to hundreds of audience members.

My time on Cilla was something I will never forget, I became part of a professional show and cast for the week and I will carry all that I learnt through to all of my performances in the future. I also have a new found love for sixties music!